1. The Pioneer Years

In the late 1820s, new fertile grazing lands were needed to accommodate the growing population of the new colony. In 1828 Captain Henry John Rous identified the mouth of the Richmond river, crossed the bar and sailed about 20 miles […]

2. Yabsley family

William Yabsley (1812 – 1880) Magdalen Yabsley (1812 – 1896) Founders of Coraki Born in Devonport, England, William joined the navy and was the carpenter’s mate aboard the Beagle when he arrived in Sydney in 1838. He jumped ship and […]

3. Yeager family

William Tudor Yeager (1840 – 1904) Pioneer River Trader Yeagers are one of Coraki’s best known and most successful families in the Richmond River district.  “from Ballina up, the few small settlements here and there along the bank were barely […]

4. The Hunt Collection

George Hunt came to the Richmond River with his parents and six siblings in 1906 aged 16. They settled first at Box Ridge and then Tuckurimba where three generations of Hunts have farmed the land. He acquired his first camera, a […]

5. The Triangle newspaper

The Triangle newspaper was started by June McMaster Yabsley in 1954. It was printed by the Northern Star and covered the districts of Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head & Broadwater. It was a free 4-page tabloid distributed every Thursday covering local […]

8. Snapshot from 1964

The Richmond River Story 1964 Supplement to The Northern Star In 1964 the Northern Star produced a 64 page supplement for their 15 August issue. This was an in-depth study of each industry along the Richmond River including farming, timber, […]

9. Preserving History

The Transcription Team and Photo Restoration The Transcription Team consists of volunteers from around Australia who type up old documents, gazettes, newspapers and other articles. This work is invaluable to researchers and historians as it creates searchable documents which can […]

Campbell Hospital

Opened in 1905, the Campbell Hospital was the heart of the Coraki community for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, a short-sighted approach by government saw the hospital demolished instead of being repurposed.