1. The Pioneer Years

In the late 1820s, new fertile grazing lands were needed to accommodate the growing population of the new colony. In 1828 Captain Henry John Rous identified the mouth of the Richmond river, crossed the bar and sailed about 20 miles […]

2. Yabsley family

William Yabsley (1812 – 1880) Magdalen Yabsley (1812 – 1896) Founders of Coraki Born in Devonport, England, William joined the navy and was the carpenter’s mate aboard the Beagle when he arrived in Sydney in 1838. He jumped ship and […]

3. Yeager family

William Tudor Yeager (1840 – 1904) Pioneer River Trader Yeagers are one of Coraki’s best known and most successful families in the Richmond River district.  “from Ballina up, the few small settlements here and there along the bank were barely […]

Campbell Hospital

Opened in 1905, the Campbell Hospital was the heart of the Coraki community for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, a short-sighted approach by government saw the hospital demolished instead of being repurposed.


The final resting place for the very earliest of Coraki’s residents, the cemetery dates back to the 1860s. The full listing can be obtained from the Coraki Museum or searching the records on FindaGrave Download pdf copy of map and […]


St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church on Queen Elizabeth Drive was built in 1912. It was deconsecrated in 2017 and is now operating as Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals St Joseph’s Catholic Church on Adams St. The foundation stone was laid by […]

Club Hotel

The historic Club Hotel, aka the “Middle Pub” sits quietly on the corner of Allwood St overlooking the park and the river. The original Club Hotel was burnt down in 1897 Rebuilt in 1898 it enjoyed many lively years of […]

Commercial Hotel

Built in 1879 it was remodeled to be a grand two storey building.Photo taken 1886 It dominated the northern end of Richmond Terrace, survived the 1905 fire but it burnt down in 1911 blaze. Rebuilt in 1912 it lasted 52 […]