The town of Coraki is situated at the junction of the Richmond and Wilson Rivers
on the lands of the Bundjalung people.

The area was known as Kurrachi or Cooraki meaning “Meeting of the Waters”.

For more than 100 years shipping was integral to life on
the Northern Rivers. Large wooden vessels were built at
Coraki which transported the cedar logs and farmland
bounty to the rest of the colony.
Brisk river trading opened up the area to ambitious and
enterprising pioneers. Fortunes were made and lost on the
whims of the tide and the weather.
Our rich history revolves around stories of river life, floods,
crossing the bar, rivalries and ship wrecks.
Overcoming tragedy, bravery and tenacity were the
foundations of success for the men and women of the
river communities.

Richmond Terrace Art

Exquisite line drawing of the famous buildings along the main street.
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